Some exciting news – Nayan and the Evil Eye won some awards at the 2014 Zed Fest Film Festival!!!

Congratulations to the entire NEE crew and to Shaleen, David and Kiarash who won awards personally!
Outstanding Foreign Short Film Direction Shaleen Sangha
Outstanding Screen Story Short Film Shaleen Sangha
Outstanding Cinematography Kiarash Sadigh
Outstanding Voice Actor Performance David Wasse
Edgar Allan Poe-etics Shaleen Sangha






We are happy to announce we are an official selection of a fantastic film festival in California – Irvine International Film Festival!! The festival runs from Jan. 16-22!


We have been honoured with an award of excellence at Best Shorts Competition in the Women filmmakers category! Congrats to the NEE team!


Macabre Faire Film Festival – lots of updates.

We’re happy to announce we were an official selection of the 8th annual Macabre Faire Film Festival a fantastic genre festival! We are honoured to have been nominated in three categores – Cinematography, Sound Track and Super Short!! We are thrilled to have won Best Super Short!!!
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We’re thrilled to be a part of another cool genre fest! Another Hole in the Head in San Francisco!!


Best in Canada!!

Nayan and the Evil Eye won Best of Canada and this year’s Toronto International Short Film Festival! We were so honoured to be included among such fantastic films and are overjoyed to receive this win!! Toronto International Short Festival or “Toronto Shorts Fest” is created by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences accredited LA Shorts Fest. It was a fantastic event and the win means so much!

Nayan and the Evil Eye – another award!

Nayan and the Evil Eye was awarded Best Arthouse Short Film at PollyGrind!! We were so honoured just to take part in this fantasic fest – winning an award there is truly amazing!


Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival!

In some other awesome news, Nayan and the Evil Eye is an official selection of MWIFF! Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival is a celebration of film from a woman’s perspective. Shaleen is a woman so is thrilled about this fest!!
mwiff laurel

Foyle Film Festival – an Oscar Affiliated Film Fest!

We are so excited to announce that Nayan and the Evil eye has been selected for screening as part of the Light in Motion Awards for Best Short Film at the 2014 Foyle Film Festival!! The festival is an Oscar affiliated and BAFTA and BIFA recognized film festival running from November 19th-23rd in Northern Ireland. More info is here:

Zed Fest!

Nayan and the Evil Eye has been included in another cool Genre film fest! Zed Fest – super excited to be a part of this fantastic event!