Neil Bhaskaran

Lead Actor – Nayan

NeilNeil discovered his love for acting in Elementary school, playing various roles in school plays. This first glimpse into performance ignited Neil’s passion so he joined Brampton Theatre Company to learn more about the craft and performed in lead and supporting roles in ten plays. Nayan and the Evil Eye is Neil’s onscreen debut. Neil is excited to be playing Nayan and is eager to continue his career on both stage and screen!

Shaleen Sangha


shaShaleen Sangha is a writer, director, development executive and video artist. She has had a passion for storytelling, no matter the form, throughout her life. In elementary school, Shaleen wrote and directed her first play, founded a storytelling group, and a drama club. In high school she founded a video yearbook club and produced a plethora of short films and stories. More recently, Shaleen wrote and directed an award-winning short film “Sohni Sapna (Beautiful Dream)” which was scored by Oscar winner Mychael Danna and Rob Simonsen. The film screened worldwide at festivals and was distributed by OUAT Media, appearing on Air Canada flights and Movieola. Since then, Shaleen has been using her skills working in Television as Director of Development at DHX Media with a focus on kids content, credits including “Doozers”, “Looped”, and the “Addison: The Invention Detective” appisode. She continues to write and produce short films. Nayan and the Evil Eye is a passion project for Shaleen and she is excited to share it with you!

Kiarash Sadigh

Cinematographer and Creative Consultant

Kiarash Sadigh is a multiple award-winning and CSA nominated cinematographer and stills photographer. He first picked up a camera at age 7 and it seems he’s never put it down! Focusing on Cinematography at Humber College’s Film and TV program and experimenting with various cameras has given Kiarash a strong technical knowledge which is only overshadowed by his artistic sensibility. He is committed to the art of photography and cinematography, with a strong eye for light, composition, and every aspect of an image – moving or still. He has shot on various cameras, in multiple genres of various lengths, including, feature films, documentaries and television series, travelling near and far to do so. Kiarash’s strong creative abilities were invaluable throughout the making of Nayan and the Evil Eye!

Radha Menon

Production Designer

radhaRadha Menon studied at the Birmingham Institute of Art & Design, specializing in the ancient art form Batik; her work has been commissioned and exhibited in the U.K and Canada. Inspired by the versatility and beauty of photography, Radha was drawn to film, and after attending film school, she began work as a set painter in the art department. Radha learned on set guided by experienced Art Directors and Production Designers and eventually after having a complete handle on art in film production, she began to design films herself and works primairly on independent and arthouse film productions where art direction is a high priority. After being approached by a film school, Radha designed a unique syllabus that expounds the basic principles, methods and practical strategies needed to design and execute a design in film production. This 101 course allows film students an insight into one of film’s most basic and yet most profound building blocks- the frame. Each frame’s composition in the broader scope of a design not only brings a film to life but adds context, subtext and production value.

Leana Mukhina

Costume Designer

Leana designs costumes for both stage and film and also practices costume building thanks to her background in Fashion Design and Techniques that she acquired from graduating George Brown College four years ago. More recently she has done styling for music videos and print campaigns.

Her past work includes: Bonafide Hustla (music video), Berkshire County (film), The Circus(theater), and Another Africa(theater).

North Atlantic Drift

north atlantic driftNorth Atlantic Drift is the duo of Mike Abercrombie and Brad Deschamps. Prior to meeting in the summer of 2011, Mike was making electronic music as Transits of Mercury, while Brad was playing in the now disbanded post-rock band Epigram. After several discussions involving Brian Eno, Boards of Canada, Erik Satie,and Stars of the Lid,the duo set up a studio in downtown Toronto to work on material that would become their debut release, “Canvas”, released on their own label Polar Seas Recordings. In 2013 they released “Monuments” on Sound in Silence Records based in Greece, and released a collaborative album with Northumbria in early 2014. North Atlantic Drift’s compositions are based around guitar and synthesizer loops with heavily processed percussion sounds, the sources of which range from cardboard boxes, to handclaps, shakers, and guitar pickups.